I believe that much of one's health journey is education, and then what is done with the education acquired. When I first heard about  alkaline, ionized water I was curiously interested but not immediately convinced simply by hearing about it.  I came into The Water Store and saw a demonstration of pH and ORP and while I sat there I drank three glasses of water! It was good, clean and smooth. I learned that the typical american diet is very acidic and how most bottled waters are both acidic and very oxidizing. Then I heard about ionized water and its many interesting properties, how it becomes alkaline, and anti-oxidant and hydrates ones body more efficiently. I quickly thought about what I was already spending on bottled water, gallon jugs of water, 5 gallon refill jugs every week and became an instant customer! I always knew I didn't want to use chlorinated city water for cooking or drinking, but I didn't know I could get such excellent water for less than what I was already spending and what a difference it would make for me and my family as we converted to only using this water in anything we consumed.

-Ron Jagger

The Water Store and Wellness Center, 4910 Main Street, Suite 116  Spring Hill, TN 37174
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