My name is Ron Jagger. My two greatest interests are music and health. Shortly after moving to Nashville for the music business in the early 90's, I lost my mother to her long battle with cancer. It was a life-changing event that continues to inform my decisions today. Although both my parents were in the medical field, their training did not give them all of the options for health and wellness. The death of my mother, combined with my personal journey, has led me to invest my time outside the music industry into health and wellness.

I want to serve my community and make a difference in people's lives. I enjoy the adventure of helping families improve their health through ionized alkaline water and other healthy options for wellness and weight loss. I believe that the best doctors are nutrition, exercise, the purest water, sunshine, rest and trust in God. 

I hope you will stop by The Water Store and say hello. It will be my pleasure to make your acquaintance and give you a free demonstration of the properties of ionized alkaline water. It could be an important part of your own health journey.


Ron Jagger

The Water Store and Wellness Center, 4910 Main Street, Suite 116  Spring Hill, TN 37174
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