"My three girls and I have been amazed at how the  6.0pH beauty water helps get tangles out, softens and smoothes our hair.  I spray it in our hair after showers and before brushing. The 4.5pH shine water made my wood table truly shine!!  My mom and I used it to clean the bedroom doors.  My mom, a hard-sell, became a believer and got her own bottle of shine water!"

- Jenni H.


"For us the family membership just made great sense. After seeing the alkaline vs acidic water demonstration and hearing about the anti-oxidant and hydration benefits I was any easy sell. It actually saved us money while getting superior water! It was an obvious choice."

- Michael J.


"The specialty waters are amazing! I use 2.5pH on my children's cuts and scratches and the 11.5pH is the best veggie wash I've ever used."

- Karen G.

The Water Store and Wellness Center, 4910 Main Street, Suite 116  Spring Hill, TN 37174
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