What about fluoride in water? Fluoridation is a subject of considerable debate. While fluoride may have some plausible positive effects when used topically in dental applications, there are many studies which convincingly argue its detriments. Following are some of the most aggressive sites opposing fluoride in water and / or fluoride exposure in general. I will let each tell their own story. If you are concerned about fluoride in your water supply, contact me for solutions for your home or business. 

Fluoride Alert

http://fluoridealert.org/  claims that "water fluoridation disproportionately harms low-income and minority communities" and is an Environmental Justice concern, and points out that 97% of western Europe has rejected fluoridation. 

Fluoride Free NZ

http://fluoridefree.org.nz/ states, "The overwhelming body of scientific and statistical evidence does not support fluoridation." Particularly interesting is the article by the late Dr John Colquhoun at http://fluoridefree.org.nz/dr-colquhoun/

Global Healing Center

https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/how-safe-is-fluoride/ warns of numerous dangers of fluoride exposure, including weakened skeletal health and toxicity to thyroid, and lowered IQ in children. 

Dr Axe

https://draxe.com/is-fluoride-bad-for-you/ states that fluoride can contain arsenic and "may cause damage to the brain and central nervous system" 

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